CASE World Class Construction Equipment

Case have been making innovative machinery since the nineteenth century and the name is still a byword for strength, quality and reliability.

The brand name is synonymous with construction sites and civil earthmoving projects up and down the country.

The current range of machinery can cover pretty well any eventuality on any construction site, even acknowledging that each and every site is unique to itself, and each carry their own range of challenges.

The smallest of projects can carry the trickiest of problems, and the Case Mini excavator can access the almost inaccessible tight spots of a construction site, and still produce a mighty work rate.

The range can be invaluable at all stages of building construction, from ground works with excavators and backhoe loaders to rough terrain forklifts with telescopic delivery systems needed as buildings go upwards.

To provide a full range of machinery to an area covering the whole of London, the Southeast and East Anglia a dealership such as Hanlon-Case will cover requirements great and small.

Case machinery has been at the forefront of construction and engineering projects for over a century, and today’s modern vehicles are to be found in many and varied roles wherever materials are moved.

Wheeled or tracked, handling and rehandling vehicles are robust and reliable.

Backhoe loaders and tipper loaders, dumpers and ‘dozers are all easily transportable and flexible in end use, for pretty much anything that you would ask them to do.
(If it needs scooping up, or tamping down, picking up and swinging round, there’s a Case for it.)

The Case brand also manufactures, alongside its vehicle equipment, graders and compactors for a wide range of commercial uses, and of course, given the company’s agricultural beginnings, tractors and combine harvesters.

A one stop name, Case, offers state of the art equipment for any materials movement large or small in virtually any environment. To find answers to your construction equipment requirements, contact your local Case dealership for experienced and knowledgeable solutions.